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We invite a diverse group of inspiring personalities who address the growing importance of sustainability in business


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Mario Kohle

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Christian Kroll

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How Can Corporations Prioritize Sustainable Transformation?

Since the start of the Fridays For Future Protests, many firms have realized the importance of sustainability in business. While sustainable brands gain more popularity among consumers, those who do not act sustainably are punished by boycotts and bad press. Sustainability is not only lived by rising Start-Ups anymore but has become a major strategic objective for corporations as well. The transformation towards more sustainable business models, however, is demanding - and requires determination from the top. We are delighted to welcome representatives from well-known big players who will be discussing how corporations can actually prioritize sustainable transformation.

Philipp Meister

Senior Director Sustainability Strategy
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Katarzyna Dulko-Gaszyna

Country Sustainability Officer
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Uwe Bergmann

Director Sustainability Management
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Philipp Günther

Senior Strategy Consultant
Bosch Climate Solutions
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Circular Economy - The Future of Value Creation?

A linear economic model still prevails in today's industry and is designed to use resources once - and dispose of them afterwards. Now, can you imagine a world where nothing is thrown away and where valuable resources are not lost by the second? A world in which anything can be used over and over again?
Circular economy means disconnecting growth from resource consumption, a system whose economic and societal benefits are increasingly appreciated by corporate executives. It has become apparent that global demand for resources exceeds what the Earth can renew itself - emphasizing the necessity for a shift in thinking about the future.

Dr. Heike Schiffler

Tetra Pak
Global Recycling Director
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Dr. Raffaela David

Head of Marketing & PR bei Landbell Group
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Prof. Dr. Martin Stuchtey

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
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Social Entrepreneurship – Leading the Journey of Change?

Should an entrepreneur only focus on financial goals, and how important should be the focus on impact and positive change when founding a company? Social Entrepreneurship has been gaining popularity in the recent decade, with more start-ups tackling some of the world’s biggest problems. But still today, most entrepreneurs are driven by financial motives.  Social entrepreneurs, however, are driven by creating a positive impact, focusing on climate change, poverty, and the support of minorities. Utilizing the latest technologies and innovations, financial profitability is only the second priority. SensAbility provides a platform for our speakers to share their knowledge and experience in Social Entrepreneurship and discuss whether Social Entrepreneurship is leading the journey of change?

Katrin Elsemann

Managing Director
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Henrike Schlottmann

Co-Managing Director
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Prof. Dr. Günther Bachmann

German Sustainability Award
Member of the Board
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Science, Business, Politics -  3 Players to Achieve Our Climate Goals

When it comes to achieving our ambitious climate goals and limiting global temperature rise to 1,5 degrees, science, business, and politics are interdependent of each other. Those three players share the responsibility to come up with effective plans and solutions to the global crisis. This panel provides a constructive debate between people who all strive for a better future for our planet. All of them are eager to share their experiences and expertise on sustainability matters to set new impulses and open up to different approaches. Do they hinder themselves in their efforts? How can they complement each other? An interesting outlook on collaboration between core actors in fighting against the climate crisis.

Helena Marschall

Fridays For Future
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Dr. Danyal Bayaz

Bündnis 90/Die Grünen
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Prof. Dr. Joachim Curtius

Goethe University Frankfurt
Leading Expert on Climate Change
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Anna Alex

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