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Ryan Grant Little

Managing Director of Smile Back & Co-Founder of Canada Helps

"SmileBack" is B2B customer satisfaction platform. "Canada Helps" facilitates charitable donations.

Ryan Grant Little is an entrepreneur working in tech and impact. One of his current positions include being Managing Director of SmileBack, which is a B2B customer satisfaction platform. It offers a software, which enables other businesses to get direct feedback from their customers. Furthermore he also works at RGL Strategic, a global consulting firm, which focuses on projects with a high impact profile. In addition Little is a Global Business Development Manager at Innovation Hub Network, one of the world’s largest networks to build entrepreneurial impact.

He is co-founder of and advisor to CanadaHelps, a platform that has already facilitated more than $1 bn in charitable donations, for which he was awarded E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016.

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