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Jakob Berndt

Co-Founder of LemonAid & ChariTea beverages and Tomorrow bank

"LemonAid & ChariTea" raises and donates money for every bottle sold. "Tomorrow" addresses the issue of sustainable finance.

Jakob Berndt is the third co-founder of ‘Tomorrow‘, besides Inas Nureldin and Michael Schweikart. Before that he was the founder and managing director of the social business “Lemonaid & ChariTea”. They, together with their foundation, raise a small amount of money which they donate for every bottle of lemonaid sold.

Since 2018, Jakob Berndt´s motto is, ”Organic and Fairtrade. Now also as a bank”. ‘Tomorrow‘ is the first European bank to adress both, the issues of  "Mobile Banking" and of "Sustainable finance". ´Tomorrow´ makes sure they are not financing any armaments, coal-fired power or genetic engineering. The bank solely supports sustainable projects to make an active contribution to climate protection.

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