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SensAbility 2021 - People, Planet, Profit - Business redefined.

The topic of sustainability has become unavoidable in many areas of our everyday lives. Particularly in the start-up scene, the combination of social responsibility and profitability has moved further into the spotlight.

According to a PwC report, last year nearly every second startup (43 percent) classified its services as part of the green economy. That is 6 percentage points above the previous year. But how are businesses dealing with the mentality shift in the new decade - what are the challenges?

Social entrepreneurship describes entrepreneurial thinking and action that aims to solve and improve social and ecological problems. Especially in recent years, more and more entrepreneurs are embracing sustainable business practices. The idea that it is possible to take responsibility for society and successfully run a business is omnipresent.

Exchange on sustainability

On March 26 and 27, SensAbility 2021 will take place for the tenth time in cooperation with WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management, one of Europe's leading business schools. For two days, everything will revolve around social and sustainable business. The event offers a platform for social entrepreneurs, young professionals, start-ups and students to exchange ideas and information about sustainability issues. This year, the event will take place entirely online, offering participants completely new opportunities while still ensuring the same " SensAbility Spirit".

People, Planet, Profit - Business Redefined

With the motto "People, Planet, Profit - Business Redefined" of this year's conference, which is organised by the students of the business school, the organisers want to focus on the "triple bottom line approach" and address these three components equally: social, ecological and economic sustainability. SensAbility 2021 will provide a digital platform for the exchange of ideas and thoughts that challenge the status quo. All this underlines what the event stands for: Innovation, impact and diversity of opinion with the common goal of creating a better future for all of us.

Experience pioneers in sustainability

On the custom-made online platform, the organisers offer a diverse programme for all participants: This year, renowned speakers and companies from the scene such as Mario Kohle (Founder and CEO of Enpal), Christian Kroll (Founder and CEO of Ecosia) and Katarzyna Dulko-Gaszyna (Country Sustainability Officer at IKEA) will be guests and share their experiences and views in exciting panel discussions on topics such as "Social Entrepreneurship - Leading the Journey of Change?". Speakers from politics and science as well as exciting workshops, a craft beer tasting and yoga sessions complete the programme.

A classic: The Social Pitch

One highlight of SensAbility 2021 will certainly be the Social Pitch, where young founders will have the opportunity to present their idea and get the chance to receive financial and ideational support. In addition, the conference will be rounded off with numerous networking opportunities such as a Career Fair and online job interviews with well-known companies.

PS: The whole event is climate neutral and for every ticket sold, a tree is planted in Kenya.

Image © Simon Veith

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