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Interview - What is SensAbility?

What is the WHU Impact Summit "SensAbility"? We talked to the summit team about this. Take a look behind the scenes! What exactly is the Impact Summit “SensAbility” at WHU?

FREDDI LANGE (Student and Organiser of SensAbility – The WHU Impact Summit):
“SensAbility -The WHU Impact Summit" is Europe's largest student-lead event on social and sustainable entrepreneurship. Our goal is to show, together with our participants and partners, what entrepreneurial opportunities there are to address social issues such as environmental protection and social disparities. We firmly believe that it is possible to combine economic profitability with tackling social and ecological problems.

With this year's 10th conference, which is being held under the motto "Our future,our challenge - Business with purpose", we would like to offer all interested parties a platform for exchanging ideas and raising awareness of sustainability issues.

What were the topics of the last years and who were your most famous speakers?

Over the years we have had the pleasure of welcoming many well-known speakers at SensAbility. At our conference last year with the motto "Innovation -Driving Sustainable Consumption", our participants were able to listen to speeches by Jakob Berndt, the founder of Lemonaid and Tomorrow Bank, among others. Other well-known speakers of recent years include Mohammed Yunus (winner of the Nobel Peace Prize), Felix Oldenburg (CEO, Ashoka Germany) and Andrea Weber (Director Corporate Responsibility, METRO AG).

Who is the event aimed at?

With SensAbility we want to address a broad target group that is interested in how the economy can be improved sustainably and in the long term. Those who are interested in and committed to social and sustainable entrepreneurship will be given a unique opportunity at our conference to network, educate themselves further and be motivated to take action.

Most of our participants in recent years have been students, social entrepreneurs, young professionals and people interested in starting a business.

You make business and sustainability meet. How will these two topics be discussed thoroughly this year?

With the motto of this year's conference, we would like to express that a change of thinking in society. As current issues such as the climate crisis is becoming all the more important, sustainable management is not just an absurd challenge, but a real possibility to address and solve these problems.

We are very pleased to welcome this year's speakers such as Daniel Schmid (Head of Sustainability, SAP), Michael Austermühle (Country Manager Germany and Austria, Patagonia) and Katharina Reuter (Founder, Entrepreneurs for Future). With their expert knowledge they can offer us unique impressions in both areas. In addition, we invite our participants to attend informative workshops on social and environmental issues in today's economy and to follow exciting panel discussions.

Which companies can be expected at the event?

We work with well-known and established partners from the German economy who share our values and are committed to making their companies more sustainable. We are supported by large companies and up-and-coming start-ups, which will also offer workshops on various topics for our participants during the conference taking place on 27 and 28 March.

At the same time, we will receive support from various media partners, such as the founders of the podcast "Geil Montag!", who will also be present atSensAbility.

What are you looking forward to the most at the next SensAbility Summit?

Every year,we are especially looking forward to the inspiring and diverse personalities coming to Vallendar. Whether participants or speakers, the entire SensAbility community consists of people who contribute ideas and energy, to create a unique environment and inspire us with social and sustainable business.

A highlight of this year's conference will certainly be the Social Pitch, where young entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to present their ideas and have the chance to win both financial prizes and participation in programmes such as"Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs".

This article was published in cooperation with our partner

Mareike Dierkes

Image © SensAbility - The WHU Impact Summit e.V.

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