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Föhr - The First Plastic Free Island

Whether you believe it or not, what you see on the picture below is the Caribbean Sea. What you see is one of the biggest catastrophes in our nature, caused by humans. Caroline Power, an underwater photographer comments the picture with “To see something that I care so deeply for being killed, slowly choked to death by human waste was devastating,”. And this is not a solitary case. Many other seas and oceans suffer the same pain! About 8 MILLION TONS of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year, and it does not seem that it will stop soon.

Check out Printyard!

Printyard is the provider of as well as of – platforms to compare different printing online services. We found them during our search for a copy shop which would fit our need for flexible and quick work. Therefore, we are very thankful for the great support of PrintYard at SensAbility 2018.

5 Influencers you Should Definitely Follow on Social Media

In today’s world as well as in future generations, social media is a vital part of almost everybody’s life. While many people use social media platforms like Instagram to keep up with what friends and colleagues are doing, where they are travelling or what they are having for lunch, social media platforms offer a great chance for entrepreneurs to establish a community around their enterprise and build a connection between them, their company and their mission. In our case, social entrepreneurs in particular are taking advantage of the audience, reach, and the ability to connect with their target audience and communicate on a rather personal level, which is one of the key factors for social businesses.

Nemo’s Garden and the Question About the Future of Agriculture

Nemo’s Garden is a project that I have been following for a while now. It’s project that was started by Serio Gamberini five years ago. The changing climate makes it more difficult to plant vegetables and fruits in many regions. While on a trip to Noli, Italy, Sergio had the idea to create a garden under water. Working together with the Ocean Reef Group, they created a small green house just below the surface of the ocean.