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What's going on?

We don't want to flood you with information and numbers, but give you practical tools for everyday life and introduce you to great innovations.

Blog post

Networking for a successful career?

Why early networking is so crucial in your job and five tips on how to master it


Interview - What is SensAbility?

What is the WHU Impact Summit "SensAbility"? We talked to the summit team about this. Take a look behind the scenes!


Studying with a meaning - how to prepare for a job with impact

"Why would you learn for the future if you destroyed it?" is written on many Fridays for Future posters. Not only pupils but also more and more university students think so. We'll show you how you can combine your studies with social and sustainable commitment and thus become successful in what you are doing.


Föhr - The First Plastic Free Island

Many seas and oceans suffer the same pain! About 8 MILLION TONS of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year, and it does not seem that it will stop soon.


Nemo’s Garden and the Question About the Future of Agriculture

The changing climate makes it more difficult to plant vegetables and fruits in many regions. While on a trip to Noli, Italy, Sergio had the idea to create a garden under water.

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