• April, 5, 2018

Eine durchdachte Fahrzeugstrategie ist eine wichtige Voraussetzung für den Erfolg jeder Konferenz, sind die zu transportierenden Redner doch der Dreh- und Angelpunkt des Programms. Die Kombination von Nachhaltigkeit für die Umwelt und Komfort für die Redner ist uns ein besonderes Anliegen und daher freuen wir uns, dass diese Kombination auch in diesem Jahr erfolgreich umgesetzt werden konnte.

St. Fachingen

The premium sparkling water from the famous spring Staatl. Fachingen has a naturally high level of hydrogencarbonat and a truly unique mineralization. With its pleasant taste it improves your acid-base balance and therefore provides all prerequisites for an untroubled love of life.

Just Spices

Just spices brings back the joy of cooking! Choose from a variety of high quality spices, mix your personal spices and get inspired! The time of boring meals, packet soup and fast-food is over, it’s time to become creative.


When Pukka’s Founders Tim and Sebastian first met they quickly discovered a shared passion for finding a better way of doing business. Pukka’s essence has always been to serve people and planet; all of Pukka’s teas and herbal solutions are certified organic, and over the last 15 years they have been continuously looking for ways to improve sustainability performance.


You are interested in environmentally friendly and ecological products, that have been produced completely without the use of fossil plastics? Then you maybe also already experienced the range of difficulties that arise when searching for such goods and which can be extremely time-consuming as well as cost-intensive. Monomeer, a start-up founded in 2014, made an attempt to overcome this problem and therefore specialised in the production of homewares, office supplies and cosmetic products without any input of plastics.

EcoLine edding

Change the world with your new EcoLine edding!The EcoLine range of edding aims at making the world a little bit greener. The use of natural resources has always been part of edding’s corporate philosophy. The EcoLine series consisting of highlighters, permanent markers, whiteboard markers and flipchart markers uses renewable resources and recycled materials obtained from households and industry. The permanent, whiteboard and flipchart markers in the EcoLine are made from 90% recycled material. For example, empty yoghurt pots, old watering cans and discarded plastic buckets are used in the production.


Wanna learn about a great alternative to conventional produced cosmetic products? Fair Squared - that means extra fair!

Made with Luve

At Made with Luve, it’s all about the Blue Sweet Lupine- a domestic flower rich in protein and a perfect base for healthy and vegan food products. Lupine and Vegan? That’s LUVE! Don’t worry, we haven’t heard of this flower before either. While the Blue Sweet Lupine has long been grown in our geographies, it has never really been used as a soy alternative for vegetarian and vegan food products.


Since 1854, family is what counts most to Pfanner. Until 1933, the Pfanner family mainly produced wine and similar alcoholic beverages, then they switched to non-alcoholic fruit juices. The decision to only use fresh fruits gained them popularity very quickly. Today the company is fully owned by the three families Pfanner, Schneider and Dietrich. Due to clever investments Pfanner has been able to broaden their product range and now produces 210 different products. Their most popular products being their iced teas, which are the bestselling iced teas in Germany. Pfanner operates in factories Austria, Germany, Italy and the Ukraine.


Feeling energetic all day – isn’t this what we all strive for? Innosnack wants to help people at reaching this state with its line of products containing isomaltulose and we are pleased to announce a partnership with it of this year’s SensAbility Social Enterprise Conference.

BCI Biocosmetics

The 100% subsidiary of LOGOCOS Naturkosmetik AG specializes on the private label products with an experience of more than 40 years. They produce individualized products for drugstores and supermarkets. From basic make-up to eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick and nail polish they offer everything cosmetic lovers could wish for.


100% Bio. Vegan. Lactose-free. Gluten-free. Without additives. Without genetic engineering. Have you ever wondered how to easily adopt a healthier diet? Get to know Greenic! The young company puts high effort in the development of high-quality, vegan superfood products. Their products which are made in Germany and of best organic quality provide a basis for a healthy lifestyle. Greenic places high priority on a varied and balanced diet. By integrating the products in your diet the superfoods supply you with valuable nutritions and support a healthy lifestyle.


The medicine Hans Maurer founded SEBAMED in 1967 after successfully experimenting with soup having the same pH-value than skin. This idea came up as Dr. Maurer was working in the dermatological department of the University Clinic Bonn in Germany. There he was responsible for patients suffering from acute eczema.


A woman uses ten thousand to seventeen thousand pads or tampons in her lifetime. This results in an enormous amount of waste that pollutes our environment. This problem inspired Annemarie Harant and Bettina Steinbugger to found their start up Erbeerwoche.


Flovital is a company that has focused on providing 100 % vegan, glutenfree, lactose-free and organic mueslis and granola.


Working together with their farmer from Panama directly and without using a middleman/distributor, Selosoda works on providing a sustainable long-term solution to the waste of coffee cherries.


Lycka, meaning “luck” in Swedish, offers organic foods that are made from 100% natural and fully sustainable ingredients. And the best part: With every product you buy, a child in Burundi receives a warm meal.


Original Beans take an ethical approach to producing some of the finest and most luxurious award-winning chocolate in the world. Founded on the principal ‘What we consume, we must replenish’ – for every bar sold, Original Beans enables the local farmers in the origins to pleant a new tree, in order to preserve threatened rainforest environments.


“We are convinced that you want to know where your coffee comes from” – is the slogan from Coffee Circle. For every kilogram of coffee sold Coffee Circle donates 1 Euro to one of its development projects in Ethiopia, chosen by the public.