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Boost your knowledge with our Crash Courses
Boost your knowledge with our Crash Courses
Panel Discussion
We are looking forward to noted experts with different backgrounds sharing their experience and opinion with us. As always: the aim of the discussion is not victory, but progress.

We are proud to present Jens Weymann as our host for this year's panel discussion with the topic of:

Change Needed: How To Pave The Way For A More Social Economy?
Ryan Little
BMW Foundation
Ryan Little leads the social financing practice at the BMW Foundation, where he is responsible for initiating, monitoring and managing the foundation’s investments in both social enterprises and impact funds. He works closely with domestic and international partners to import and adapt their practices, while the foundation is playing a leading role in the social financing ecosystem. Ryan is also an international speaker and renowned author on topics ranging from early-stage investment to green economy policy.
Simon Turschner
Teach First
Simon represents the charity organisation Teach First, whose primary objective is to improve the education opportunities for educationally alienated children worldwide. Currently, 120 Fellows spend a voluntary two-year service in schools in several German federal states to improve student performance. Simon has been a voluntary teacher in Teach First's fellowship programme and will share his experiences and beliefs on the topic how we can positively change our approach on doing business with an educational focus.
Smail Rapic
Uni Wuppertal
Prof. Dr. Rapic is a well-known professor of philosophy. He ows his name to excellent academic work and his critical view on the German free market economy. Prof. Rapic is a present figure in different academic, political and socio-economical discourses. Since 2010, he has been working at the University of Wuppertal, where he co-founded TransZent, an initiative for sustainability and research on climate, energy, and the environment. TransZent mainly focuses on scientific research and the exchange of knowledge between different faculties.
Martin Elwert
Coffee Circle
After working as a consultant for Roland Berger, Martin co-founded Coffee Circle, a social business that sells quality coffee from Ethiopia. With every kilo of coffee sold, a local project is supported by working closely together with the coffee farmers. Coffee Circle already accomplished to help over 15,000 farmers in Ethiopia with projects that range from providing clean water to villages to established education programs. Their aim is to connect modern coffee culture with social responsibility in the regions where coffeebeans are grown.
Career Fair

Looking for a job in a social enterprise? Interested in establishing business contacts for your own startup? Our career fair is your opportunity to socialize with over 200 socialpreneurs!


After food for your senses during the day, our catering team will prepare a dinner in a great atmosphere in the evening. But do not worry: We will provide you with substantial breakfast and lunch as well.

Networking Lounge

Connect with your peers in a relaxed environment,  exchange bold ideas, get inspiration, and socialize.


Speeddating at SensAbility helps you to experience an active exchange in a cozy atmosphere and to find the right partner for your project

Our Speakers in Detail
Florian Hoffmann
The Do School
Get started - How to turn your idea into action
Florian Hoffmann is passionate about turning great ideas into action and helping others in doing so. After completing his MPhil in International Politics at Oxford University, he dedicated his life to innovative social change and founded the DO School, a global education platform offering various educational and executive programs to young leaders and organizations, today with campuses in Berlin, Hamburg and New York City. Florian will speak about the skills needed to become an effective innovator and the different roles social entrepreneurs are able to play in society.
Mutoba Ngoma
The unlikely path – How I became a social entrepreneur
Mutoba Ngoma has an educational background in aeronautical engineering and originally dreamt of becoming an astronaut at the NASA. But at a time when his home country Zambia was experiencing fuel shortages, he came across a program about renewable energy in Brazil and decided to go all in, founding Tapera. Mutoba has had impressive success in the recent years, following his vision to improve Zambia's fuel supply and to help provide stable employment opportunities for rural low income communities. As a “Washington Fellow” he participates in US-President Obama’s “Young African Leaders Initiative Network” and is seen as one of the young hopes for a brighter African future.
Philipp Kauffmann
Original Beans
Gorillas, wars and great chocolate - Why we build an earth-positive company and how you can change the world by eating chocolate
Original Beans is an award-winning chocolate and conservation company that Business Week describes as “making the world better through chocolate”. For each bar purchased, one tree is planted or preserved to protect the world's most important rainforests, following the strategy 'One Bar : One Tree'. Since Philipp realized his dream of setting up an own social business in 2008, Original Beans has become a success story: Being a prosperous social business, the company also acts as a role model for sustainability in the cocoa supply chain. For us, Philipp will unveil the secret of how to reinvent a market as mature as the chocolate market.
Julika Falconer
The FUTURELIFE® Foundation
The roles of business and the private sector in humanitarian response, in particular on the frontline of hunger
Julika Falconer is the CEO of the FutureLife Foundation. After having studied and practiced law in Germany, eye-opening work with street children in Cape Town led her to establish the FutureLife Foundation in cooperation with the nutrition company FutureLife which aims at helping to overcome the problem of malnutrition through high-nutrition foods. Julika has the goal to improve the life of African children through bottom-up sustainable feeding and food education programs. With 15 years of experience, she will give valuable practical insights into opportunities, trends and problems the charity sector is facing today.
Dr. Martin R. Stuchtey
McKinsey & Company
Growth within - A new vision for growth, prosperity and employment on a full planet
Dr. Martin R. Stuchtey is Director of the McKinsey & Company Center for Business and Environment and leads the work of McKinsey & Company on sustainability and natural resources. Besides his service for companies, governments, and financial institutions, he plays an active role in various non-governmental organizations and has been a strategic advisor to the World Economic Forum on sustainability. In his speech, he will present the groundbreaking concept of a ‘circular economy’, a new growth paradigm for our world economy which could change the way we use and replenish goods to the better.
Dhruv Lakra
Mirakle Couriers
Challenges beyond the obvious – How to combine doing well and doing good
Dhruv Lakra started his career in investment banking at Merrill Lynch, but found his true calling for impactful work after the devastating Asian tsunami of 2004. After pursuing an Oxford MBA at Saïd Business School in 2008, Dhruv founded Mirakle Couriers in Mumbai, a for-profit courier service that only employs low income deaf people in order to reintegrate them into the Indian society. Dhruv has won several prestigious awards for his innovative work with the deaf. On Friday, he will speak about reasons for becoming a social entrepreneur and how to successfully overcome any challenge with the right mindset.
Paula Schwarz
Startupboat.eu & StartupAid
Bringing humanitarian aid from offline to online
Paula Schwarz was recently featured by Forbes Magazine as one of the 30 most promising European social entrepreneurs under 30 years for her engagement in co-founding several social ventures since the outbreak of the European refugee crisis in July 2015. Since then, she consults different European governments, research institutes and think tanks on the refugee crisis. Paula is leading the refugee taskforce of the Global Shapers of the World Economic Forum and has a background in political sciences and finance. She will share her vision for a new, scalable form of humanitarian aid based on technology.
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This year's workshops in detail
A look behind the scenes of financing a social startup

The workshop illustrates how a financing round is closed. It will teach the necessities to pitch to investors as well as provide useful templates. If you are pondering whether you need financing to realise your own idea or are just interested in how a start-up is actually financed and what goes on behind the scenes, this is the right workshop for you.

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This year's crash courses in detail
Original Beans
Blended finance - The art of funding your business for start-up, growth and impact

Philipp Kauffmann established his award-winning chocolate and conservation company Original Beans in 2008. Owing to his broad experience in the field of social entrepreneurship, he experienced the necessity of foresightful and optimized funding Philipp will provide you with practical insights about how to best fund your social business for start-up, growth and impact.

Last year's Workshops
A look behind the scenes of financing a social startup

The workshop illustrates how a financing round is closed. It will teach the necessities to pitch to investors as well as provide useful templates. If you are pondering whether you need financing to realise your own idea or are just interested in how a start-up is actually financed and what goes on behind the scenes, this is the right workshop for you.

A guide on how to create a self-sustaining social enterprise abroad

Mutoba Ngoma is the founder of Tapera Industries, a social business from Zambia producing biofuels and soaps from used oils. Together with him, you will work on the topic of joint value creation with farmers and small enterprises. The workshop will furthermore address the question of how to overcome the challenges of operating a business in difficult cultural backgrounds.

FUTURELIFE® Foundation
Humanitarian aid in 2016: Great challenges but even greater opportunities

The FutureLife Foundation has distributed almost 8 million meals to children in non-fee paying schools in Africa and works closely together with local NGOs to improve the continuous food supply in underpriviledged areas. The workshop aims at developing solutions for improving the nutritional value of commonly used food aid commodities as well as distribution and supply chain management for disaster relief. Furthermore you will learn how to adequately engage with the private sector in humanitarian response.

How to create a “good” app - A step by step guide on how to use the full potential of mobile apps for your social cause

If you ever thought about addressing a social problem with a mobile app or if you always wanted to connect more deeply with your supporters, Goodnity's workshop is perfect for you. Goodnity´s founders will guide you through the most important steps of developing and designing a first app concept, tell you what differentiates a successful from an unsuccessful app and give you crucial tips on how to scale your app-user-base to increase your impact.

Creating real sustainability innovations

„Grünhof“ is an incubator and collaboration plattform for the startup- and sustainability scene in the region of Freiburg. Their incubation program „Econauten“ supports startups to solve current sustainability challenges by creating innovative products and services. In the workshop you will look at challenges & strategies to decouple economic success from ecologic resource use and the creation of real sustainability innovations instead of putting just another „green“ product out there which does not meet customer needs.

Gawad Kalinga
Creating social impact at home and abroad

Gawad Kalinga strives to end poverty by 2024 by integrating the restoration of human dignity and social entrepreneurship. Founded by Tony Meloto, speaker at SensAbility 2015, the organization believes that social entrepreneurship is the key to overcome poverty and social conflicts. Join the workshop to help design social impact programmes that will allow participants to shape societies at home and abroad and gain insights into the value-driven approach of GK.

Mirakle Couriers
Case challenge: Developing a branding strategy for a social startup

Dhruv Lakra established Mirakle Couriers as a local delivery company offering customizable courier solutions for clients in Mumbai, India which is shipping to local, domestic and international destinations. His case challenge will be to develop a clear branding strategy for Mirakle Couriers which communicates the social mission of hiring deaf adults in a manner that supports the brand.

Scaling up your social enterprise: Opportunities & challenges

The workshop provides a practical guide to the fundamentals of scaling a social enterprise. It introduces participants to various strategies for scaling as well as their specific constraints and requirements. We will introduce you to practical tools how to develop and implement a proactive growth plan and share with you personal insights and experiences. Together, we will interactively experience that scaling is hard work, but necessary to make social innovation matter.

The Changer
Build your individual dream job

To begin, Naomi Ryland will present The Changer's latest research findings on trends in the work environment. In groups and individually, participants will then work on answering the question which characteristics of a job are essentially important for oneself and how to create the perfect organization as a manager or entrepreneur.

Funding secured  - What are the next steps?

NearBees brings local beekeeper and honey buyer together comfortably and easily. The customer can search the online platform precisely by bees in his or her neighbourhood and order honey simple direct from the local beekeeper. Thanks to
an innovative packaging concept the „Honey Next Door " will be delivered directly into the customer’s mailbox. Within the workshop Viktoria Schmidt will introduce you to the next steps of building up a successful social start-up after the funding is secured.

AfB social & green IT
We are social. We are business. We are in your value chain. We are here for the professional impact!

AfB is one of the largest and fastest growing social businesses in Europe and always seeks for new ways to create real impact and good business. Their current main business brings value to society by reducing waste and smart recycling of IT-products. In the innovation workshop you will be introduced to one of the challenges AfB are currently facing and try to find new, innovative solutions in a joint process.

Grameen Creative Lab
Business models for social entrepreneurs

During the workshop you will explore how social entrepreneurs create impact and gain an overview of selected business models for sustainable development. Each model will be explained with the help of an example and we will discuss the challenges for each of them. As a result, you will be aware of the Do’s and Don’ts in designing a social business model.

Business model hacking

Despite evident qualities of a project, some are nevertheless struggling in their early phases. Very often, certain elements of the business model don’t fit. This workshop will help you to thoroughly reassess those elements of your business model and provide you with tools and strategies to turn struggles into success.

Business model innovation in realtime - Co-create a social media startup's actual business model

When teaching children in a German lower secondary school during his Teach First Fellowship, Simon became aware of the underlying problems of stigmatization and low self-esteem. With his social startup Vensenya he aims to improve to empower the young. In the workshop you will co-create Vensenya's business model together with the founder and experience innovation in realtime.

OneDollarGlasses – The challenges of an international startup

Still more than 150 million people worldwide suffer from visual impairment. How does OneDollarGlasses set transformational change to help? What are the major challenges? Join. Listen. And Ask.

Last year's Crash Courses
Original Beans
Blended finance - The art of funding your business for start-up, growth and impact

Philipp Kauffmann established his award-winning chocolate and conservation company Original Beans in 2008. Owing to his broad experience in the field of social entrepreneurship, he experienced the necessity of foresightful and optimized funding Philipp will provide you with practical insights about how to best fund your social business for start-up, growth and impact.

Chair of Entrepreneurship
Applying the lean startup method to social startups

Lean startup methods for corporates & social entrepreneurs? In this corporate workshop, Professor Christoph Hienerth will introduce, discuss and work with novel and lean startup methods which support the development of new business opportunities. A special focus will be put on how the lean startup methodology can be most effectively applied to both the corporate as well as the social entrepreneurship context.

Tengelmann Social Ventures
How to pitch your social business - What do social investors look for?

How do I pitch in front of venture capitalists and impact investors? Franziska Schaefermeyer from Tengelmann Social Ventures will give a short introduction and overview of German social VCs and impact investors. She will then help the participants to develop a better understanding of what is most important when pitching ideas and projects and what to pay attention to in particular. All Do's and Don’ts will be discussed in detail.

Cool Ideas Society
ChangeMakerLab - Experience crowd innovation

With more than 80 workshops with 1500 participants, "Cool Ideas Society" is one of the leading organisations in crowd innovation and co-creativity in Germany. In this crash course, you will create your own entrepreneurial ideas for a sustainable future. Develop the first steps towards exciting new ventures through a joint creativity process. At the end of the workshop you will have developed one or more rough sustainable business ideas and be trained to quickly generate new ideas in future.

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